Social Media Marketing

*All of our packages are customized based on what our clients need. 

Social Media is an additional marketing tool that allows your followers to want your product, your services, and engage with you online. 


We will use the right platform to reach your target audience. By running social media marketing campaigns, we will be ensuring the following things:

• Increasing your followers  

• Creating engagement with your followers 

• Converting followers into leads. Leads create sales. 

We will promote your lead generation pages and links on your social media accounts.


To achieve these goals, we will make sure that our activities are efficient and data-driven on specific goals for your company. Social Media is an online business that helps with reaching and engaging the right target audience. We will be using the following methods on your social media platforms: 


• Social Media Optimization (SMO) 

• Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Social Media Optimization (SMO):

Social media optimization will increase your company's online presence. SMO is equivalent to SEO by focusing on social presence. When using SMO for your business it is a data-driven planning strategy to connect the right target audience. With the various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Snapchat), we want to use the right platform for your company. 


The following are some of the activities that we will perform:

Share buttons- Conduct an audit on your website to make sure you have social media buttons, working, and going to the correct social media account. ​

Optimizing Page

  • Make sure to set relevant KPIs, 

  • Always make sure the content geared to your audience, 

  • Understanding when and what to post on your social media account,

  • Boost a post, 

  • Consistently evaluating social media campaigns.

Building Relationships- Talk directly to your customers and followers. We want to build a relationship to generate a sale. After people engage with the ads and organic content, we will engage back to build a loyal follower. 

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Social Media Marketing (SMM):


  •  Audit: We decide the goals, metrics, and the best social media channel for the project, the best time to post on them, and the best content format to connect well with the audience.

  • Competition Analysis: We will monitor the competitors and their communities to prepare the best plan for the campaign. 

  • Optimizing: We analyze the target audience: age, preferences, and online behavior, based on this we create content that goes well with the current website theme.

  • Engaging: We will engage the audience with organic posts and social media ads.

Facebook Ads:
Audience: This is a group of people who can potentially see your advertisement. Your audience reflects the people whom you want to target. 


Budget:  We work with your budget! You can either decide to have a lifetime budget or a daily budget. 

  • A lifetime budget lets you set an amount to spend over the lifetime of the advert set.

  • Your daily budget is the amount you spend on a specific advert per day.


Targeted Audience: The number of people that your advert targeting can reach, Facebook can estimate the reach while creating an advert.


Conversions:  Customer-completed actions: It tracks any purchases or adding to a cart on a website. 


  • Monitoring the right Metric: We will keep a regular check to see if our strategy is working well through a tool like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and other data-driven analytical programs.



We will analyze the results and provide you feedback and weekly/monthly summaries. 


Weekly Reporting: Every Monday, we will be sending you a weekly report.


Monthly Reporting: Along with the weekly report, you will be getting a link to the Monthly performance overview report that will show the progress of the campaign from the beginning.




Social Media Marketing Pricing 
Untitled design.png

SMO (Organic Reach Campaign)

Manage four platforms (Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and Pinterest).

 We will generate 2 to 3 post a week 



Untitled design (3).png

SMM (Ad Campaign)

Manage the Facebook ad
campaign only
(Ad Budget will be separate from this).  



Untitled design (4).png


(2 to 3 Post a week & Designed images and Banners) + Ad Campaign Management -Ad Budget will be separate from this.



*Above is for our base social media marketing costs. For more in-depth pricing please contact us. 

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The integrity of our company and clients will never post inauthentic reviews on sites like Yelp and Yahoo as part of the social media program.