Search Advertising 

Search Advertising is how people find your product or service on the internet. 

Why is Search Advertising such a big thing?

Search Advertising makes it effective for people to find exactly what they need online. Often people search for the same or similar thing in different ways. Think of someone who just brought home in a new neighborhood. This person doesn’t know any professional plumber and has an issue with their plumbing.  The first thing this person will do is go online and type “how to fix a leaky pipe” or “fix leaky pipe” or “DIY leaky pipe” or “cheap ways to fix a leak."  This person might not be your type of client because they don’t have an immediate intent on hiring a plumber. We want to make sure your ads are showing to people will hire a plumber, not someone looking for quick strategies to fix the problem. 

There is also a strategy in which you might want your ads to show. This strategy is based on two variables.

  •  First, at what percent does the number of people who search those queries give up and hire a plumber. 

  • Second, at what price point does it make sense for you to bid on those keywords. 

Knowing those two variables can help you develop a strategy to take advantage of more profitable opportunities.


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