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Refund Policy

Refund Policy:
iSocialBusiness has a NO REFUND Policy for SEO Services, Web Design, Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation.

Exemption: iSocialBusiness has a partial refund policy for Lead Generation packages greater than 15 leads. In the event, the lead volume is slower than expected and the business isn't receiving leads in a 30-day calendar period iSocialBusiness will refund the difference greater than 15 leads to the business and continue delivering the remaining 15 leads. 

For example, if a client orders 100 leads and they qualify for the exemption then the client will receive a refund for 85 leads. iSocialBusiness will continue to deliver the remaining 15 leads. 

Our Partial Refund Policy: iSocialBusiness holds a partial refund policy for lead generation services due to marketing costs. iSocialBusiness utilizes paid media to generate leads for its clients based on the order value. The order value is used to cover the cost to market and generate leads for its clients. Having a partial refund policy allows clients to not have to pay an ad spend fee due to the exposure they received from Digital, Social, and Display campaigns regardless of the immediate outcome.

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