Pay Per Click Advertising

 We want to deliver traffic to your website. A tool that companies use online is Pay Per Click (or PPC Advertising).  We will be using Google AdWords to generate traffic to your site. Using this method means we only pay for advertisements when your ad gets clicked on by potential customers. 

Pay Per Click Campaign


Our goal for your company is to generate traffic for your business. PPC is an online advertisement that we use to generate traffic and create conversions into sales. 


We offer a multi-featured Pay-Per-Click Campaign management program. We have five essential strategies for a successful PPC Campaign. 

  • Identifying relevant keywords that have high search volume and less competition.

  • Targeting quality traffic.

  • Improving campaign/s Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

  • Using optimum bid value to achieve maximum traffic within the budget.

  • Suggesting changes to improve the website’s convertibility.

  • Setup and manage re-marketing strategies. 

We will then divide our five essential strategies into eight phases: 

1. Create business Goals

2. Research-based on the Target Audience and competitor website

3. Detailed Keyword research

4. Creation of Ad-copies

5. Landing Page Development

6. Campaign Settings

7. Bid Management

8. Here are some few on-going steps we would be following in our daily routine:

  • Bid Optimization

  • Keyword Research daily

  • Ad-copies for new keywords

  • Adding Negative Keywords

  • Ad position optimization

AdWord Campaign Steps: 
  1.  Once we get started with the project, the very first thing we will do is that we will send you an online PPC form to fill. That forum will ask general questions like targeted region, audience, market, most profitable services

  2.  Through this form, we will get to know your basic requirements and expectations.

  3.  Then we will research the website keeping various aspects in mind like target location, Unique Selling Point(USP), Competitors, and by this, we will get a list of comparisons that help us in the campaign later.

  4.  Conduct keyword research to provide several factors including, geometric location, services provided by you, and Categories.

  5.  Divide keywords into small groups according to their relevancy that will eventually help you to increase your CTR and quality score, and hence decreasing CPC.

  6.  Once keywords are selected, we will send them for your approval to get them finalized.

  7.  We will start creating highly convertible Ad-Copies. These Ad-copies will be created by highly experienced PPC Executives and sent to you for your final approval.

  8.  Proper conversion tracking and full visitor profile tracking report will be set up on your site so that we can keep our eye on the whole campaign. Conversion tracking code will be inserted in the backend of your website.

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Basic Package: $750
  • $100 Setup Fee

  • Advertising Budget Up to $2000/month

  • 5-6 Ad Groups

  • 3 Ads per Ad Group

  • 70-80 Keywords

  • Minimum Duration-3 months

  • No. of Campaign one

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Premium Package: $1,500
  • $150 Setup Fee

  • Advertising Budget $2000-$5000

  • 10-12 Ad Groups

  • 6 Ads per Ad Group

  • 100-150 Keywords/Campaign Minimum Duration– 3 months

  • No. of Campaigns – Maximum three

Platinum Package: $2,000
  • $250 Setup Fee

  • Advertising Budget $5000 -$10000

  • 20-40 Ad Groups

  • 8 Ads per Ad Group

  • 200-350 Keywords/ Campaign Minimum Duration – 3 months

  • No. of Campaigns Unlimited

PPC Package Pricing

*Ad Budget will be separate from these PPC package* 

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