Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a funnel that identifies potential customers.  


There are four different stages at which your potential customer will fall: 

  • Awareness Stage – This person is learning about your industry’s product or service. They are aware of your product or service but are not ready to purchase. For instance, someone just bought a new house and notice something might be wrong with the house. They will search the internet for things to look out for and possibly things they might want to get based on the home and location they live.

  • Interest Stage- This is a person who is specific to what they are searching for and begins further research. This type of person may subscribe to your blog or follow you on social media. For example, someone who has made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. They started following fitness pages on Instagram, and YouTube for the inspiration will eventually by your service or product. 

  • Decision Stage – This is a person who is on your website, looking at different options and packages, and probably considering you against your competitors.

  • Action – This person has made a decision and purchased your product or service. 

​At iSocialBusiness, we understand you have a budget and want people who will purchase your product or service. With the right strategy, we will be able to get the target audience to convert to a profit. That why you must fill out the form for a Free Lead Generation Consultation and members of our team will contact you.