Keyword Strategy

Keyword Strategy is identifying ways to target your audience based on how they enter queries into the search field. 

Google Search allows the advertiser to choose from four different types of keyword matches: 

  • Broad Match

  •  Modified Broad Match

  • Phrase Match

  •  Exact Match

The goal of choosing the right keywords for your business is based on your website, and how you can help someone searching for what they are looking for to buy or use. For example, say you’re an auto dealer, but you don’t carry all makes and models. You would not want your ads showing someone a specific vehicle instead, you want your ads showing price points, financing options, service, parts, or even warranty options. We consider the time of day your ad is showing and the highest time people search or visit your site. You may want to bid high or low based on the conversions you receive.

Keyword Strategy is essential for your company we at iSocialBusiness will make sure your company is using the strategy to be profitable. Fill out the form for a Free Keyword Strategy Consultation, and members of our team will contact you.