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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cost? Our pricing varies based on the niche and industry, but we offer affordable packages for companies of all sizes.

  2. Can I pause or resume campaigns at any time? We require a 24-hour notice to stop or start any campaign. If you contact us outside of business hours, the pause or resume request will take effect on the next business day. Please email

  3. Are the calls or leads shared? No, our marketing is exclusively for you.

  4. When can I expect to receive calls or leads? Although many campaigns start generating calls and leads within 24-48 hours, it can take up to 7 days for calls and leads to start coming in, depending on the offer you are running.

  5. What if I don't close the sale? We cannot control the sales you make or don't make, and it's important to have an internal sales process in place before working with us.

  6. Can I change the campaign location or territory? Yes, but we apply a $199 fee to change the location from the original agreed-upon location.

  7. Can I choose specific locations where I want calls and leads? Yes, but please note that our policy considers any call or lead valid if it is within 25 miles as the crow flies from your start point or up to an hour's commute.

  8. What if the customer changes their mind? Customers are entitled to change their minds at any point in the sales process, so it's important to have a contingency plan for future marketing efforts to offer additional services in the future for all customers and potential customers.

  9. What if I can't reach a customer who fills out a contact form? It's your responsibility to call, text, and email each contact form you receive to ensure you touch all points of contact. If you are unable to reach the lead, please email us at Please note that we will attempt the same communication strategy, and if we are able to reach the person, there will not be a return for the lead.

  10. What if I am calling from a non-local phone number? If you cannot reach a lead due to using a non-local area code phone number, we hold no responsibility. However, in our experience with taking calls for clients and calling leads, we've been able to reach 100% of all the leads that have inquired.

  11. What if I miss a call, and the person has hired someone else for the service? We recommend hiring someone to take incoming calls since the customer's intent level is extremely high. Chances are, if you miss a phone call, the customer may hire someone else. Since we cannot control the answering of your business phone, we don't have a return policy for missed calls or calls that go to voicemail. It's your responsibility to make sure all calls are answered.

  12. What if the person says they called by accident? Anyone who calls you that isn't looking or inquiring about services will not be considered a lead. Please email Note that our team will reach out to the lead for quality assurance.

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