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How to Get Free Leads for Your Tree Service Business.

Generating leads can be difficult. Especially tree service leads - with so many businesses offering the same service, how does a consumer know which is best?


There are ways to generate free tree service leads, such as standing on a street corner with a cardboard sign, after all eventually someone will call you. However, this article proves how it should not be used as a strategy. After all, Henry Ford said:


“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time”

Why Free Leads Don’t Work

Free tree service leads are everywhere you see a tree. But, obviously, you don't know if the consumer wants tree service or has the resources for tree service. You could place a card or flyer in the front door or mailbox of every home you see, but in truth not get one single call back. 


A more effective strategy is tailored advertising in the form of social media, email marketing, and referrals from professional marketing companies can all make the difference in lead generation and converting leads.

Top 4 Ways to Generate Leads

Email Marketing

Surveys from Marketing companies have given insights into the best forms of lead generation. Email marketing was top on over half the marketers surveyed for ROI. It provides awareness on new packages, skills, and news about the service company in question. An instant message or incentive can be pushed out to potential clients with personalized information and actual education that persuades buyers to choose your service.


It can be scaled to wide customer bases or tailored for smaller, high income groups depending on the service you offer. It can be a regular, automated newsletter or campaign to generate customers, with follow up reminders which eventually lead to using your service. When used correctly, these can lead to repeat sales and high reputation, no matter what your home service industry is.


Referrals are the golden form of tree service leads from actual past customers. With word of mouth, it means little or no cost in lead generation, where customers actually come to you for your service.


It gives much greater trust to the people using your business for the first time. Without the need to pay for more advertising, the client is usually more willing to use your service because of previous positive experiences from the person that referred them. Especially when mixed with Social Media referrals, as customers that have a good experience can push out hundreds or even thousands of followers instantly.

Hiring A Marketing Company

This is perhaps the best option for those with little knowledge or resources. With tree service businesses, there aren’t usually teams working behind the scenes to generate leads and market your business.


Marketing companies have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a host of relevant outputs in ways that are tailored for your business. Examples include older customers that may prefer email over social media advertising, and the younger generation preferring short-form content from the likes of Instagram and Facebook ads.


There is a wealth of opportunities out there to generate tree service leads for your business. Although free tree service leads may be an option, it is much quicker to hand over the work to a professional marketing company. They help build your presence online, deliver high-quality marketing emails, and can give you advice on the best way for you to ask for referrals from your customers.

Real People. Real Results

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