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Credit Policy

Credit Policy:
A Lead Credit is replacing a lead that the client has received. A client can receive a lead credit by contacting iSocialBusiness via email at within 24 hours of receiving a lead to request a credit. 

Valid Reasons For A Lead Credit:
1. Non-responsive- A non-responsive lead is a lead that the client has not been able to contact
2. Wrong number or number not working
3. Invalid email 
4. Out-of-service area

Upon receipt of a credit request iSocialBusiness will attempt to contact the lead via phone and email. If iSocialBusiness is able to get a hold of the lead they will notify the client and instruct them to contact the lead. No Credit will be honored for leads iSocialBusiness can get a hold of. 

To Learn More Please Contact Our Office 631-486-0330 or

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