Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is looking at what actions people take when interacting with your website or mobile app. A professionally designed site will give your audience answers to their questions that they don’t already know or can’t easily find on the internet. 

No, one wants to waste money or time. Tracking conversation is essential to your business. 

Here is a Scenario:

Let’s say you set up a campaign that allows prospects to call your business directly. In one-hour you received ten phone calls. Now you are wondering did the calls come from your social media pages, your Google business page, or word-of-mouth. You can ask each person where they notice your ad, but someone might not answer or forget to ask.   Therefore, you can’t build on further opportunities in these avenues, because chances are it changes constantly.

Conversion Tracking is much more than just phone calls. It tracks the actions people take on your website or app. How long do people stay on your site? How many people go to your site without submitting a lead form or signing up for your offer? Or how many people don’t? One month your site or app could be driving high conversion and the other month not so much. Knowing your conversions allows you to make more profitable decisions in real-time.

Conversion Tracking strategy is essential for your business if you want to know more fill out the form for a Free Conversion Tracking Consultation,  and a member of our team will contact you. ​