I run a used car dealership struggled to get quality leads. We used a variety of sources to market our business without much success. After we contacted iSocialBusiness, they performed a competitive analysis to see what other local used car lots were in our market. Three things stood out the most when working with them Ad Copy, Keywords & Social Proof.

My previous marketing strategy mainly consisted of placing our cars on sites like Craigslist, Cargurus, Facebook Marketing, and more. We were stuck and not having any luck with that strategy on our own.  

iSocialBusiness decided to utilize Facebook Marketing & Google AdWords. To get me the results needed to brand our business and let people know exactly why they should buy from him. First, they optimized my landing page because they notice our website needed a landing page before starting ads. Then they focused on the types of vehicles we sold. We sold a mixture of older and newer used cars. Due to that, they wanted to use certain specific keywords that people would be searching online. 

We also had a social media plan, and our account manager focused on content development and created a target audience for our advertisement to be successful. 

I still can't believe our company went from 3-5 leads to 10-15 and converted 2-4 units per day. In 90- days, our  ROI was 480%. I was so excited to work with iSocialBusiness and ecstatic to continue business with them. 

- Daniel 


Our plumbing company wanted to increase sales and stop missing opportunities with people looking for a plumber. We desire to reach the people in an emergency and looking for a plumber immediately.

iSocialBusiness incorporated a Google AdWords Campaign that would restructure the overall process of how our company operated. The first thing they added was a specific call extension that would drive conversions. They were particular as possible with the call extension because they didn’t want us to pay for non-serious buyers. They carved out specific Keywords that tailored the calls for our business. They were able to determine the exact areas so we can receive our target calls. 

The target areas would be valued based on the job and location of the person. They were able to explain how this process works for business.  For instance, people who lived the furthest, within their territory, wouldn’t see ads for jobs that didn’t have a sizable profit for them. They then created separate Ad Campaigns specific to the services our company provided. Within each of these campaigns, they dug into finding low-cost keywords that would result in a conversion based on the data. They ended up mapping out a total of 1800 Keywords.

 Our company has seen a 38% increase in Ad conversion that resulted in a 328% ROI in 60 days.


We wanted to increase sales for our moving company. We tried Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Moving.com, Yelp, and several other platforms to generate business. I discovered that those avenues were not generating our ideal customer. We learned that many of the leads were shared with other companies and almost always focused only on price.

We reached out to iSocialBusiness, and they help set realistic goals to reach our ideal customer. We discovered that one of our biggest strengths was customer service. Throughout their research, iSocialbusiness concluded Goggle AdWords would be the best platform for us.

iSocialBusiness discuss how they would be using AdWords to target a specific age range, location/s, and demographics. They told us they are targeting people that like doing their research, looking at reviews, and who make more educated decisions on their purchases. After, that they made us know they were also using the Negative Keywords list to see what people are looking for low prices, cheap, free, inexpensive. They made sure to communicate everything with us, and we appreciate the open communication with them. 

They optimized our landing page to be a perfect match for our ideal customer. The site included their 3 Step Process, Testimonials, a company video, and CTA.

After sixty days, we received 99 conversions, which resulted in a 580% ROI.


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