About Us

Founded and owned by an astute business owner, entrepreneur, and digital marketing professional, Michael Francis, iSocialBusiness arose from a need to help small business owners expand their reach. In his career years as a Digital Marketer, Michael held several pivotal positions and delivered outstanding results. While working as a Digital Marketing Director for a company that served the Automotive Industry, his exceptional strategies led to an increase in clients’ ROI, on average, by 380%.

His strategies have also delivered proven results for struggling small business owners. Starting with friends and family Michael, found it needful to focus on improving their marketing ads while managing their digital marketing results. His brilliant intuition and evolved strategy led to ground-breaking business successes, which allowed these small businesses to maximize profits from his digital marketing efforts.

In a fast-paced business world, he has also highlighted some of the technicalities that limit the growth of businesses. Some of these challenges include financial restrictions, staffing, ineffective digital marketing strategy, or an inadequate understanding of the market they serve. iSocialBusiness is committed to working with small business owners across a vast range of industries. 

The company focuses wholly on helping its clients make incredible profits by harnessing powerful digital marketing strategies and approaches. By finding out what works best for each small business, iSocialBusiness draws them closer to success. Likewise, its expertise and industry knowledge plays a significant role in designing profitable and tailored marketing strategies.

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